Audrey Danza is a prominent Swiss-DJ known for her eclectic and high energy selection of music. Recognized for her highly refined taste across genres, her DJ sets slide easily between moods, tempos, and styles. She is famous for creating euphoric moments in clubs, blending gloomy, bright, and euphoric techno and trance vibes.

Raised at Motel Campo where she is a resident since 2019, Audrey splits now her time between Geneva and Berlin, where she draws inspiration from both cities' vibrant music scenes. She sees her music as being "fun" and "colorful," reflecting her passion and dedication to her craft. Her regular appearances at Panorama Bar/Berghain have solidified her reputation as a sought-after DJ with an impeccable taste in music.

In addition to her DJing career, Audrey has pursued academic interests, having completed her studies in International History. Always learning from the past, she has started to release some of her personal work, from edits to remixes, seeking to weave together playful sounds for the club goer. Her comprehensive knowledge of dance music led her to co-found the label Proxima, where she has reissued multiple pieces of music from the 80’s and 90’s on vinyl, which have gained international reach.Her recent energetic mix for her first Boiler Room at the iconic Potato Head Beach Club in Bali was highly acclaimed and showcased her skills and versatility as a DJ. Audrey Danza's dedication to her art and her constant search for new and powerful sounds have made her a rising star in the electronic music scene.Audrey is now expanding her repertoire to include production work, with rumors circulating that she is preparing to release her own tracks. Always eager to learn and experiment, Audrey continues to push her own boundaries.