Paradise bangkok molam international band
With their third album on the way and their oldest member, legendary Khaen-harmonica player "Don" Sawai having turned 83 recently, we are trying to lure our Thai friends of The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band into coming to Europe one last time. Initially a DJ party run by record collectors Chris Menist and Maft Sai, Paradise Bangkok has been able to make Molam, a musical style hailing from Thailand's poor north, a household term among the music-loving community and a guaranteed hit on the international dance floors.

Later on, as a band, using the help of acclaimed masters of traditional instruments like Sawai and Phin-virtuoso Kammao Perdtanon and a hot young rhythm section, they became the most festival-friendly act to hail from Asia.On their first tour 2013 they filled in for Solange Knowles at Poland’s long-running OFF Festival and killed it at prime time on the main stage.While touring Europe regularly (i.e. until 2018) they played countless festivals from Copenhagen Jazzfest to Glastonbury to Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide festival (see picture below).Since then, they have played mostly locally in Asia, and turned into Thailand’s hottest local band, with Maft Sai curating his own stage at Southeast Asia’s hippest festival Wonderfruit late in 2022.